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2018 Lacrosse

Postby LILax on Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:07 am

There are a ton of unknowns about the upcoming lacrosse season.

Who will be back? Anyone staying for a post-grad year? Who are the freshmen to look for? Will they contribute right away? Who will the assistant coaches be? What style of lacrosse will DeLuca favor? How good will the CAA conference be? Can the Hens finally go plus .500 after 6 straight losing seasons?

Well, first who will be back? Looks like a lot of talent will be back.It will be easier to say who will not be back when talking about impact players from this past season. The players who will not be back are offensive middies Steve DeLargy, Trup Ortlieb, Paul Major and defensemen Brian Pickup and Matt Olbrich. There were other graduating seniors, but not many of them contributed in a major way. So who is coming back?

At attack, basically everyone is back. The starting three of Andrew Romagnoli, Joe Eisele and Charlie Kitchen will be back. These three accounted for 89 goals combined last year as two sophs and a freshman. This is the best starting group that the Hens have had in years, and they are VERY young.The upside for these three is HUGE. Parker Campbell will also be back for his junior year. The Canadian lefty has contributed to the man-up offense the last two years.

At midfield, the Hens will be returning top middie Will Hirschmann who will be a grad student in the business school. Will scored 17g and 17a as the clear leader of this team. He will be joined by fifth-year student and team captain for the past two years, Jackson Finigan who missed the last two years with injuries. If Jackson returns to form, the Hens will have two very talented scoring middies. The loss of DeLargy and Ortlieb leaves a bit of a gap at midfield. I would expect that Jake Levine, Jake Stanford, Beau Kush, Chase Young, Bryce Reid and Luke Bianchino will probably battle for the last spot on the first unit. These are all talented guys so, they should be able to step up to contribute this year. DeLuca will have two solid lines to trot out.

At Defense basically everyone is back except for short stick d middie Matt Olbrich and close defenseman Brian Pickup. Both of these guys will be missed but there is talent in the wings. At close defense the Hens will have Connor Lalley coming back for his senior year. Lalley has started since his freshman year and aside for a penchant for untimely penalties is a great athletic cover guy. He will be joined by juniors Don Eidson and Kevin Sheahan. Don has started since he was a freshman and Sheahan is a big athletic defensemen who played a ton as a freshman but was injured last year. Freshman Connor Sorg from St.Paul's MD played a lot on the man-down unit and did a great job. These guys will also be joined by an All-American defenseman from the Culver Military Academy, Liam Duff. Culver was the top school in the country and Duff was their top close defenseman. I have seen him play several times and he lives up to his billing as a top 20 incoming freshman defenseman. The defense also returns SSDMs Alex Brunner and Rhett Schweitzer who are amazing athletes who can launch transition offense as well as play solid D. The LSMs coming back are really solid in Austin Haynes who has started the last two years and Drew Silvera from Episcopal Academy, who did not play as a freshman but has a huge upside. Finally the defense returns all-frosh goalie Matt DeLuca. The 6' 6" goalie has shown amazing athleticism and dominated in several Hen wins most notably 19 saves against Rutgers and 15 against Villanova.

The FOGOs on this team are pretty solid as well. Freshman Crosby Matthews improved greatly as the year progressed and was signficantly about .500 a the X. Sophomore Jake Hervada also played great throughout the season and will be challenging Matthews for the top spot again.

As far as who is coming in? The Hens have the smallest recruiting class ever with just 7 new players. Two are FOGOs from very high-pedigree high schools. Anthony Altimari from Yorktown in NY will be playing for the NY State Championship this weekend. He plays for former Hen Sean Carney ('99) and is a physical force at the faceoff X. Also coming in is FOGO Joe Lenskold from Bridgewater-Raritan HS in NJ. He has led his team to a 17-1 record this year. His older brother is a stud fogo at Penn I believe. The other potential impact player coming in is Brian Davis from Deerfield Academy. He is the son of the long-time coach at Deerfield and has shown a real nose for the goal. And I mentioned Liam Duff who will be joined by two other freshman defensmen Mikhael Eyermann from San Diego and AJ Hoffmann from Wilton CT. All three are big athletic defensemen who may contribute pretty quickly. DeLuca has a ton of talent to choose from.

Finally, who are the assistant coaches going to be? I have no idea. We shall see. DeLuca is used to playing up-tempo from his days at Cornell, Duke and Harvard so he will look for an offensive coordinator who plays like that too. That means a lot of 15-13 games. Exciting but hopefully we are on the 15 side of those games.

The CAA is a defensive conference, so the Hens have to figure out how to score more than 10 a game when they get into conference play. Towson has essentially lost its entire team with 9 graduating starters. But I would expect Hofstra, UMass and Drexel to be much improved with a lot of returning talent. Fairfield will also be returning some talent, but lose top goalie Tyler Behring.

That is all I have for now. Probably more in the fall when we have more visibility into the coaches and players.

One other thing to note. There are 37 returning players and 7 recruits coming in. 44 players would be the smallest roster in at least 8 years. I would expect some potential surprise transfers as well. We shall see.
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby BlueHenBill on Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:45 pm


1. Were the incoming FR recruited by the former or current regime?

2. When would you expect the assistant coaches to be hired? Is money expected to be an issue?
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby tenn hen on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:54 pm

LILAX awesome effort and knowledge of our program. I've kinda given up on our group due to the poor coaching, etc. I know the game, but am not a student of the players or other programs. I simply evaluate the game for the usual items, O, D, speed, skills, strategy. You know all this. Following UD and UT is almost impossible to keep up with all the sports I love so your info is really beneficial to me.
Thanks again for all the research and knowledge of LAX here at the college level.
As I posted the semis this year were awesome as well.
Hope we play as well as you expect based on our personnel and new coach. I would think CR will provide the funds to give DeLuca all the needs he has to make us a POWER.
Keep the faith kick butt go Hens
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby LILax on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:06 pm

BlueHenBill wrote:LiLax,

1. Were the incoming FR recruited by the former or current regime?

2. When would you expect the assistant coaches to be hired? Is money expected to be an issue?

Incoming frosh were all recruited by Byron Collins who is gone.

New assistants hired. Matt Rewkowski '05 grad from Hopkins. Ran the offense for DeLuca up at Cornell before leaving to coach at Georgetown with Kevin Warne.

The defense will be led by former Hen goalie and volunteer coach, Noah Fossner. He spent the last few years up at Harvard with DeLuca. Good hires.
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby Henzone on Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:51 pm

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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby LILax on Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:46 pm

Been awhile.

Students are back on campus. Thought it would be good to provide folks a quick review of who is new (in bold - only seven new freshman) and who is back. And most importantly, who will be making an impact.

This is the best I could do cobbling together a list based on posted roster and committed recruits. 42 players is the smallest lineup in at least 12 years. That is not to say that there won't be additional players added, either walk-ons or transfers. These days 45-50 players lineups are pretty much the standard.

The attack unit will be tops in the CAA. The defense has the potential to be great. Lots of talent to choose from although not too deep at SSDM. FOGOs will be very good again but will need improved wing play. Offensively, the midfield is not deep or experienced. Two fifth-year returnees will dominate Hirschmann and Finigan. After that it is anyone's guess.

Andrew Romagnoli - Physical dodger from X. Finds ways to score. Not always pretty but very effective.
Joe Eisele - Physical lefty wing dodger and finisher. Great goal scorer.
Charlie Kitchen - Crafty and physical attackman. Hard shot. Very creative around the cage. Scary quick shot. Big scoring potential again.
Matt Schleicher - quick dodger from Conastoga and The Hun School. Small but athletic. May see some playing time.
Bryce Reid - A great feeder and dodger. Might be moved to midfield although he is smallish. Has the talent to contribute this year.
Mark Bieda - frosh recruit from North Jersey. Bigtime feeder 70 assists senior year. Brother Scott was All-American at Rutgers. Top pro player today.

Midfield (offensive)
Jackson Finigan - Fast and physical two-way middie with decent shot. Shoots the ball awkwardly but effective. Great mind. Always injured.
Will Hirschmann - Fast and physical middie with a rocket shot. Great passer. Unselfish. Best all-around player on team.
Jake Levine - Quick and crafty converted attackman. Hard but not accurate shot.
Luke Bianchino - played sparingly as a freshman. High hopes for the local product from Salesianum.
Chase Young - BIG physical player. Has yet to see the field. His brother Bryce is an all-american defenseman at Maryland.
Jake Stanford - Huge shot. Slow but physical. May be moved to be backup attackman. Or contribute on man-up unit at attack.
Josh Barrow - third year player out of Denver and Hill School in Ontario.
Stephen Hirschmann - Brother of Will. Has been hurt for two seasons.
Ryan Shaw - Son of Hen legend Steve Shaw. Was terrific player in top Baltimore league in HS.
Brian Davis- nice offensive recruit from Deerfield Academy. He is the longtime Deerfield coach's son.

Alex Brunner - Very good on-ball defender.Physical. Maybe too much so at times (lots of penalties). Great speed and leads transition offense.
Rhett Schweitzer - Young athletic defender. Comes from athletic family (three sisters played D1 lacrosse). Gets lost at times.
Stephen Tortora - great athlete out of Fairfield prep. Has not played yet as a Hen.
Alex Giannetti - great HS player out of Bishop Shanahan. Has not seen a lot of playing time in three years.
Matt Waters - Great athlete from Rumson NJ.
Chase Konkel - Big Physical player from Denver
Cole Baker - played for John Grant Jr at Valor Christian high school

Drew Silvera - top LSM recruit last year. Really fast and athletic.
Austin Haynes - Physical defender. Great GB machine. Could improve GBs on face-offs.
Thomas Aloe - Great athlete. Played a bit early but might have been injured late.
Zach Strassner - Highly touted recruit out of NC.

Jake Hervada - Quick hands and great at leading transition offense off the draw. Can be physical at times.
Crosby Matthews - Small and quick. Gets out-muscled at times at X and not a great stickhandler once he has possession. Improved at GBs late in the year.
Anthony Altimari - Big physical FOGO who scored a bit for Yorktown's NY state championship team.
Joe Lenskold - Smallish FOGO with lots of success in HS in North Jersey. Same high school as former Hen great FOGO Tyler Barbarich.

Spencer Turkel - Westport CT product. Yet to see action.

Connor Lalley - Penalty prone but physical defender. Usually covers fastest attackman. Can cover just about anyone. Needs to stay on the field though.
Don Eidson - Very quick and dependable converted midfielder. Played a ton over the last two years because of injuries to starters. Proven starter.
Connor Sorg - Extremely quick and smart defender. Did a great job on man-down defense.
Kevin Sheahan - Really big fast and athletic defenseman. Was hurt last year. Played a bunch his freshman year.
David Pressler - Fast and physical. Hasn’t played a lot. But showed great potential in fall ball last year.
Liam Duff - Top defensive prospect in the country. Played for #1 Culver Academy team as their top close defenseman. Physical and smart.
Mikhael Eyerman - Top west coast defenseman from San Diego. Played in Adrenaline west coast all-star game this summer.
A.J. Hoffman - 3 year starter on top high school team in Wilton CT.

Matt DeLuca - Big and quick. Improved outlet passing as season progressed. Solid tender.
Andrew Dirks - hasn't played in his three years.

That's all I got for now.
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby dchen on Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:31 am

2018 roster lists only one goalie- DeLuca. Perhaps its not updated. LILax notes a 2nd goalie in his post that hasn't played in 3 years. Area of concern?
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby LILax on Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:20 am


I am sorry. I have not been on here for awhile. You asked about the goalie situation. Andrew Dirks did drop off the team. However, Shills added a late recruit in May that fell under the radar. Matthew Kilkeary from Westlake HS in Los Angeles is one of the two back up goalies. They also recruited a transfer goalie from Essex CC named Brody Bartell. He was also a member of the Iroquois U-19 national team.

Both of these goalies have a ton of potential. But I would not expect either to unseat Matt DeLuca who was terrific his freshman year.
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby Firstand10BlueHens on Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:53 pm

Nice story about the new coach. This guy seems very methodical.

http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/a ... ward/50541
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby dchen on Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:43 pm

[quote="Firstand10BlueHens"]Nice story about the new coach. This guy seems very methodical.

http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/a ... ward/50541[/quote]

Focused, intense, detailed, seared by career adversity, believes that Delaware is a sleeping giant in lacrosse. He didn't use those words but we've seen that prediction come true before.
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Re: 2018 Lacrosse

Postby deweyhen on Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:26 am

Luke Bianchino is no longer on the roster of 2017/2018.
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