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Athletics GPA/APR

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:16 pm
by jd of de
Some of the accomplishments include:

3.140 ... 2018-2019 Academic Year Student-Athlete GPA – highest ever
3.144 ... 2019 Spring Semester Student-Athlete GPA – highest ever
17 out of 21 teams (81%) of teams with over a 3.000 GPA for the academic year
41-percent of student-athletes earned Dean's List recognition- highest ever
All teams with an academic year GPA over a 2.700 – 1st time ever
6 straight semester with over a 3.100 student-athlete GPA

Delaware football also received the CAA Award for the most improved APR

Delaware Men's Basketball had the highest GPA they have ever recorded (started recording in '95-'96)