GoHens.net FCS Football Pool - Rules and Agreement Terms


Welcome to the FCS Top 25 Pick-em Football Pool! The pool is open to the general public, but you must register as a GoHens.net member in order to actively participate. If you are already a GoHens.net member, you are all set to go! As a member, you agree to and are bound by the rules of conduct explained on the registration page. Anyone found using this site in an abusive or destructive manner will be warned and/or banned. This site registers IP addresses of all visitors. You have been warned, so now - on with the FUN!

General Concept

Each week, the top 25 teams in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) (according to the AnyGivenSaturday.com FCS fan poll) are listed in an entry form with who they are playing that week. You try to predict the winners in each game. The site keeps track of your picks and tallies results each week. Those who predicted the most winners correctly get bragging rights for the week. This is for entertainment only!


To start playing, the first thing you need to do is to join a group, or you can start your own group. The controls for joining a group or creating your own are located on the left side of the Pool Summary page. Groups allow smaller sets of users to compete against each other. Groups can be public or private. Private groups require a password to join. The password is set up by the user that creates the group (the group administrator) so that he/she can control who can join the group. You can access the Group Summary page for any group, by clicking on the group name on the Pool Summary page. You may join as many groups as you like.


Once you are in a group, an entry is created for you. An entry allows you to submit picks for the upcoming week and every week thereafter. In this first edition of the pool, you may only have 1 entry per group. But, as stated above, you can be a member of as many groups as you like and submit separate entries for each group each week. The site will keep track of your entries and show them to you on the upper right portion of the Pool Summary page. You can click any entry to go to the entry form for the current week. You can also click an individual week result on the Pool Summary page to view the entry form for any week. You may edit your entries as often as you like up until kickoff time of the first game each week. At that time, the pool is locked. When pool has locked, you may view your entries, but you may not make changes to them. When all games are complete, the results will be tallied. The Pool Summary page will indicate each of your entries rank within its group and overall among everyone who has played the pool.

As you will see on the Pool Summary page, there are 2 pools to choose from: Spread and Pick-em. In the Spread Pool, you must pick games using point-spreads. In the Pick-em Pool, you pick the winners straight up. When you first access the entry form, all of the Home teams are selected by default. You select the winners of each game and click the Submit button at the bottom. Remember, you may edit your picks by clicking your entry on the Pool Summary or Group Summary pages, as often as you like, up until the week locks.

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